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Abby's Corner


10 Important Yard Sign Tips

1. Essential Content, you need to convey your message “Yard Clean-Up” your business name “Felix’s Landscaping” and contact data “123-456-7890”. Less content in the message is more impactful.

2. Target your surroundings, a white sign with light colored lettering will not get noticed with snow on the ground. Be sure to make your yard sign stand out, with color and bold fonts.

3. Placement, always try to place your lawn sign where traffic stops. A sign placed in the middle of the block in a 45 mph zone will attract little attention. Drivers will only have a few seconds to read your message. Place signs at corners and intersections where possible.

4. Consistency, your business name (or logo) should always be in the same color, font, and font size. That burns your name in customer’s minds due to repetition. Big business calls this branding.

5. Job Site, make sure your job site sign is away from clutter and machinery. Keep the line of site clear.

6. Review, once placed, take someone for a ride past your sign and see if they notice it (make sure they don’t know ahead of time you are testing them). That will confirm you have a high-impact placement.

7. Quality, cheap materials, poor ink, and cluttered message hurt your business as that is you on that sign. You get one first impression, make sure it is a professional and organized one.

8. Relevance, don’t advertise your snow plowing service in August, no-one is listening.

9. Fresh, keep rotating your sign message. Same logo, same colors, different message will keep potential customers thinking about your services.

10. Durability, do you plan to re-use your sign? If so, specify more substantial materials to make them hold up and look impressive. One-time use?  Don’t waste money on more than you need. Use less-expensive, disposable materials.



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